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Retailing Tips from Patrick McIvor Color Studio

October, 2009 (Bethlehem, PA) Stylists from patrick mcivor color studio, share top retailing tips.


Melissa Goepfert: Whenever I use a product on my guest’s hair, I put it on my station so the client can see it, and I explain what it does and why I'm using it. I also ask what challenges they have when styling their hair.  This way, when I offer a product, it’s viewed as a solution to a problem instead of a sales pitch.

Since volume and texture is hot right now, I’m showing guests how to use products like Matrix Amplify Full Body Texturizer to achieve mass and interest.  It really helps soft, finer hair get big without weighing it down.  Thermal tools are being used more now to create volume and texture, so I recommend Matrix Vavoom Gold Heat Iron-In Control Protective Dry Mist to protect hair from getting damaged from the constant heat – this mist also holds the volume and adds shine.


Nathan Rosenkranz: Instead of asking the usual, “Do you need anything today?” which can easily be replied with a negative, I present the question in a more accommodating way, such as, “What do you need today?” This prompts guests to think about what they actually need instead of going on the defense about purchasing.


Krista Beahm: Start by planting a seed during the consultation. Ask them what their expectations are for the appointment and offer products that meet their needs.  This allows them to contemplate the purchase during the service. Then, use what you have recommended on them and explain tips/techniques for using the products. After the service, walk the guest to the front desk and place 2-3 of the products on the counter and refresh their memory about what they do and how they are used.  My top retailing products are Matrix Colorcarethérapie Shampoo and Conditioner - color guests are always looking for ways to protect and maintain their color - and Matrix Rejuvathérapie Age Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner -guests are always looking for good products to restore strength and add shine.


Lisa Grealish: Introducing guests to the newest products on the market makes them feel like they are getting something first… getting the inside scoop.  It’s even better when you can highlight benefits of the product, such as Matrix Biolage Colorcarethérapie Delicate Care Shampoo being sulfate-free and the Conditioner being paraben and silicone-free.


patrick mcivor color studio *  studio two


Press Contact: Suzanne Quinn/Glow Communications, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 207-781-2598

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