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“Fringes are best for people with high foreheads,” says Redken Education Artistic Director Sam Villa, “and they’re also great for enhancing your client’s eyes.” If you have a client looking to spice up her cut, suggest to her why you think she would look great in a fringe. “Side-sweeping fringes are the easiest to sell,” he says. “Because they’re the easiest to grow out and they’re generally the most flattering. Blunt, heavy fringes are the most difficult to sell because they’re the most difficult to grow out. So if a client seems uneasy about the idea of a square fringe, tell her, ‘Let me know when you want to grow it out, because all I have to do to make the process easier is take a corner off and I can easily turn your blunt fringe into a really flattering side-sweeping fringe.’ Just remember; never force your client to do something she’s not ready to do. Simply provide your recommendations and allow her to decide from there. WIN Sam Villa’s Aspire Tour 5-DVD Collection!

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That's What She Said!
Thursday's “That’s What She Said” Moment
I had a client named Mrs. Fish who was about 80 years old. She was in to get her once-a-year Mother’s Day cut, perm and roller set. She was deaf, frail and had the thickest eyeglasses you’ve ever seen! Just as I was wrapping the perm, I looked up and her EYE FELL OUT! It fell right into her lap. Of course I didn’t know it was a glass eye. I almost sh*t my pants right then and there. She got out of my chair, grabbed her walker and scooted into the bathroom. 10 minutes later she returned and didn’t say a single word.

Mollie Chase
Bedford Images
Bedford, NH
BTC Member Since 2000

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По гудению их голосов Каталина поняла, что все в порядке.

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На этот раз он беспрекословно последовал за мной у него не осталось ничего, ровно ничего, что бы поставить на карту.

По сути, может, и Ильин, да только по форме типичный фюрер, то есть вождь.

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К тому же он и раньше нередко торжествовал "Кривой эфир Голая правда об одной FM-радиостанции, или История о ферзях и пешках" над своим соперником.

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Даже своему брату она "Ломаем хребты волкам" повторит эту чепуху.

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