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Now that it’s summer, most of your clients are probably asking for lighter, brighter haircolor. But before you grab your bleach and get to work, make sure you give every client a thorough consultation. Some hair is so bi-polar where the ends get blown out but the scalp doesn't lift enough. That means everyone needs analysis, including individual strands of hair. Before starting the lightening process, examine hair so you understand it from scalp to end. Texture, porosity, and the effects of previously applied color will not be consistent throughout. This means that the scalp, mid-length, and ends will absorb lightener differently. Typically, the ends are more porous than the re-growth, leading to pale tips and darker roots. The solution? You often have to mix more than one formula! Try using a lightener with 20-volume developer on the ends, but bump it up to 30-volume on the mid-shaft. It will make for a much more well-adjusted blonde. Organize your formulas with a Colortrak Caddy—click here to receive one FREE!

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That's What She Said!
Wednesday's “That’s What She Said” Moment
Years ago, I had a nice-looking guy in my chair, and before I made the first cut or even sprayed water on his hair, I passed a tootie. It was one of those “silent but deadly” kind of moments. The only thing I could do was pick up my blow dryer and say, “Let me get those loose hairs off of you,” even though I hadn’t cut a single hair yet! After scrapping my pride off the floor I was able to make the first cut. Nothing was ever said and he’s been my client for more than 15 years.

Tonya Lewis Potts
Eclipse Salon
Norman, OK
BTC Member Since 2006

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