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Win the chance to work New York Fall Fashion Week 2012

Win two tickets to New York city to create hair history with Rodney Cutler and his creative team when you submit a short, one-minute video about what you are ‘guilty’ of doing well!

  • Work backstage on models for top designers.
  • Learn from the best fashion hair artists around.
  • Build your personal creative portfolio.
  • Be part of the season’s hair trends.

Entering to win is EASY!  All you need is a short video talking about your best asset as a hair professional.

Go to the Shortcuts Most Wanted website to check out all of the details on how to enter to win this chance of a lifetime.

This message sent courtesy of ModernSalon.com

Vance Publishing
400 Knightsbridge Pkwy.
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

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